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10.27.20 | Buying

5 Questions To Ask When You’re Buying a Waterfront Property

Waterfront Property Frequently Asked Questions

Peterborough and the Kawarthas are known for having beautiful waterfront properties. Whether you’re looking for your dream home or the perfect vacation property, there’s plenty of local real estate offering stunning lakeside views. There’s no doubt that these places are in high demand. That said, there are also a few things you should know about them before you make a purchase.

If you’re planning to buy a waterfront property, here are five questions to ask…

1) Are you looking for a vacation property?

If you’re searching for the ideal vacation home, there are some unique factors you’ll want to consider. To start with, how far are you willing to travel? An hour or two may be completely doable for weekend getaways, but longer commutes may hinder your enjoyment. Do you plan to rent out your vacation property when you’re not using it? If so, you may also want to factor in the features and amenities that will appeal to potential renters.

2) Do you have a large boat?

Are you planning to purchase a sizeable boat? If so, it could have an impact on the lot that’s right for you. For one thing, you’ll want to have substantial depth close to the shoreline. While some boats are made for shallower waters, others can be easily damaged if they hit bottom. If you want to travel the waterways, you should also look into whether you can connect easily to the Trent-Severn from the location you’re considering.

3) Do you have young children?

If you’re thinking about the depth of your shoreline, you should also consider safety. Deeper water can be hazardous for anyone who isn’t a strong swimmer, especially young kids. That’s worth remembering when you’re choosing a location. If you have little ones, you may want to look at properties that feature lakefront with specific characteristics. Shallow water close to shore with a gradual slope is ideal.

4) What kind of roadway maintenance are you comfortable with?

When it comes to travelling from home to your prospective cottage or vacation property, you should know what type of commute to expect. It’s not just about the distance you’ll have to drive. It’s also about the types of roadways—and how well maintained they are. Depending on your comfort level, a property at the end of a very long, unpaved road may not be ideal.

5) Can you make the renovations you want?

One of the potential downsides of owning a waterfront property is, you may face restrictions if you want to renovate. There are certain rules and regulations that pertain to construction projects close to the water. You’ll want to know what they are before you start envisioning the extensive boathouse or dock you want to build. To learn what’s allowed, what isn’t, and when you’ll need a permit, contact your local conservation authority!

For many buyers, owning a home or personal retreat on the water is a longstanding dream. While the lifestyle that goes along with it can be very rewarding, it’s important to make an informed purchase. Fortunately, an experienced local agent can help you understand your options—and find the one that’s right for you!

Looking for a waterfront property in Peterborough or the Kawarthas? Get in touch to start your search off right!