Welcome to Peterborough

As a city with a small-town feel, Peterborough offers the best of both worlds! It’s easy to see why it’s one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada. Here, let us show you around.

Our Local History

Our Peterborough roots begin with Katie, whose family moved to the area from Toronto in the early 1980s. They were in search of a community with a laidback, family-friendly feel, and found it in Lakefield, just outside of Peterborough. Her father became the headmaster of Lakefield College School (a position he held until just a few years ago), and Katie grew up on the school grounds.

Fast forward a few years, and history is pretty much repeating itself! After living in Kingston for over 15 years, we were starting to feel the need for a quiet community where we could raise our own family. That desire naturally led us back to Peterborough, where we’ve felt right at home since 2018.

Why You’ll Love It, Too

Where Peterborough really shines is in its abundance of nature, its affordability, and its accessibility. If you love the outdoors but also want to be close to the city for work and amenities, it’s going to be just perfect for you.

Top-Tier Education

Peterborough has incredible educational opportunities suitable for a broad range of needs. We have Trent University and Sir Sandford Fleming College, and some of the country’s top independent schools within thirty minutes, including Lakefield College School in Lakefield and Trinity College School in Port Hope.

Affordable Real Estate

For the most part, you’ll find freehold homes — AKA detached single-family homes — throughout Peterborough. However, we are seeing an increase in new condominiums, built to meet the demand of retirees.

Average Sale Prices for the City of Peterborough:

• Overall: $698,191
• Semi: $380,000
• Condo: $490,271

We'd Love to Help.

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Well-Balanced Accessibility

Peterborough is one of the most walkable and bike-able cities in Canada, with well-maintained trails running throughout the area. This includes the Rotary Greenway Trail, a 10-kilometre ride that cuts right through the middle of the city. You can also drive pretty much anywhere you need to within five to ten minutes, which adds to the ease of living.

What To See

The Peterborough Lift Lock, also known as Lock 21, is a boat lift located on the Trent Severn Canal and is a designated Canadian National Historic Site. For many years, the lock’s dual lifts were the highest hydraulic boat lifts in the world, raising boats to 65 feet. You can take an educational cruise to experience it for yourself, paddle along the canal in a canoe, or go skating when it freezes over in the winter.

Living in The Kawarthas

Another great thing about Peterborough is the access to the Kawarthas and the world-class recreational cottages that are there. Our family has been a proud owner of a cottage on Lake Mississauga since the mid-1980s, and we happily spend most of our summers there.