09.20.23 | Peterborough

Is Peterborough Dog Friendly?


Hello there! I’m Ruby, and that’s my way of saying “Nice to meet you!” In case you’re wondering, I’m Jeff and Katie’s much-loved and very spoiled English Bulldog. I was so happy when my family decided to move back to Peterborough in 2018. We all love it here so much. 

Jeff and Katie are thrilled to be helping clients buy and sell real estate in their hometown of Peterborough and all over Kawartha Lakes. As their loyal, four-legged companion, I also couldn’t be happier with our new home. Between my naps, I love getting out of the house and exploring the wonders of this city with my cherished humans (even if they walk kind of slow). 

If you’re thinking about a move, I can tell you from personal experience that Peterborough is one of the friendliest and most welcoming places for your dog that you’ll ever find. I can’t wait to tell you all about it! 

So Many Parks, So Little Time

I love making new friends, of both the two-legged and four-legged varieties. That’s why I’m thrilled to tell you about the great dog-friendly parks you’ll find all over Peterborough! Of course, Peterborough has so many parks that I can’t mention them all; otherwise, you’ll be here all day. However, here are a few that my fellow canines and I agree will get our tails wagging every time.

Beavermead Park

Imagine having 53 acres of greenery and trails to explore all year long. There’s even a lake for humans to splash and swim in when it gets hot outside. Listening to the sounds of laughter while being out and about in nature is yet another one of my many favourite things in Peterborough. While I must keep my humans leashed, they don’t seem to mind as long as I don’t make them walk too fast. Sometimes, I even stop to lie in the grass so they can have a much-needed rest even when they don’t ask for it. Doggies know best!

Looking for even more reasons to fall in love with Peterborough? Here are just a few: 

Millennium Park 

What I love about this park are the beautiful sculptures and memorials. My favourite is Esker, the one with the mother wolf looking up at her cub. I think I relate to this piece because of my close kinship with these majestic creatures. You can tell that I’m part wolf, right? Woof! 

My humans and I also love strolling along the waterfront trail and passing by the sparkling water cascade. All in all, it makes for a wonderful afternoon of family fun. 

Jackson Park

With over 50 hectares of grassy areas, ponds, and even a historic bridge, what is there for a pooch not to love? Jackson Park also features some of the oldest trees in Peterborough, which gives me plenty of spaces to stop and have a sniff. 

My humans may want to get on with our stroll, and sometimes they pull on my leash, but I won’t be rushed. They are so lucky to have me around to encourage them to relax and take in the sights, sounds, and smells all around. Honestly, what would my two-legged friends ever do without me?

Peterborough Dog Club

While I adore all of the parks, trees, and green spaces in Peterborough, this one is particularly magical because I get to let my humans off their leash. They love having the freedom to explore without me leading them. And once I get excited to run, jump, and play with my doggie pals, those silly humans could never keep up with me anyway!

Dining Out With My Humans

At home, dining with my people is one of my favourite pastimes. They save the most delicious tidbits for me by allowing them to fall off the table, where I quickly scoop them up, often before they even hit the ground. I bet you didn’t know I was a gymnast, did you? 

Anyway, the tribulations sometimes start when my family wants to go out to a restaurant instead of eating at home. Did you know that there are many establishments that don’t allow pets inside? The audacity! 

But that’s just one more thing that makes Peterborough a great place for dogs and the owners who love them. Here are a few of the patios that we can visit where friendly dogs like me are welcomed with open arms.


We all love Gertie’s, not just for the food, but because the outdoor patio is covered and heated. That extends the season that we can all dine together on gourmet items like Sweet Chili Shrimp Tacos, Buffalo Ranch Penne, Teriyaki Burger, and more. The meals are so finger-licking good here that I sometimes have to bark loudly to get the humans to remember to share! 

Ashburnham Ale House

When my humans are craving their favourite pub food but don’t want to leave me out of the fun, that’s when we all head over to the patio at Ashburnham Ale House. They can dine on delicious hot sammiches like The Cheezer and the Hot and Sloppy while I snuggle at their feet, hoping something will drop my way. My humans are generous, especially the little ones, so none of us ever leave hungry.

Revelstoke Cafe

Revelstoke Cafe is a vegetarian’s paradise, with options that humans find irresistible, such as plant-based Smash Burgers, Smokey Jackfruit, and Mushroom Hash. It may be slim pickings for pooches in terms of menu items, but we manage. We are mostly here for the cuddles anyway, and the warm, welcoming environment ensures there are plenty to go around.

Playing Games

As a certified fun-loving pup, I love playing games with my humans. There is one game, however, that I just cannot get into. It’s where they trick me into my carrier, and I think I’m going somewhere amazing. But then those tricky humans take me to the vet. 

Sometimes, I get the upper hand and make myself scarce because I can sense a vet appointment a mile away. Other times, I fall for it completely. By the time I figure out their ruse, I’m already in the car and halfway there. 

I have to admit that I do not like this game at all. But for some reason, having access to plentiful veterinary care is important to my pet parents, and Peterborough has caring, high-quality clinics all over the city. I am lucky that my family doesn’t play this game very often. They love me so much, and with a face as adorable as mine, who can blame them!

Meet Ruby, our beloved English Bulldog. She loves naps, treats, and playing with her human friends.

Can my humans, Jeff & Katie, help you find a new home in Peterborough? I believe they can! Find out how in the posts below:

A Fetching Place

Now, let’s move on to happier topics. I can’t wait to tell you about my most favourite thing about living in Peterborough! When Jeff and Katie are busy helping clients or on vacation, I get to go to a canine spa, where precious pups like me can roam, socialize and play with other dogs, all while getting pets and scratches and constant attention from human caregivers. Why do I love it here so much? Think of it this way: people have amusement parks and roller coasters that get them dancing with excitement. And to pooches like me, going to A Fetching Place is like a trip to Disney World! 

When I discover that my humans are taking me there, I can’t help but whine with joy as I jump and spin and wag my tail so fast it becomes a blur! As an added bonus, sometimes I also get bathed and groomed, which makes me smell nice, thus ensuring I get even more cuddles when I get home. It’s good to be a dog in Peterborough!

What else is there to say about Peterborough? I almost forgot to mention that it’s a pretty nice place for people, too. So on behalf of me, my humans, and my fellow canines, let me just say, “Welcome to Peterborough.” You and your furry friends are going to love it here!

Are you thinking of making this dog-loving city your next home? Jeff and Katie are happy to show you the ropes! Reach out today at 705-243-9797 or team@jeffandkatie.ca with any questions or to start your house hunt.